Pedro Hernandez is a co-founder of and contributor at Night Fog Reader, a San Francisco based music and culture blog. He and his good friend, our very own Bold Local Michelle Broder Van Dyke, launched Night Fog Reader in March of this year to share their love of local music, fun parties, and whatever else has them pumped. Pedro listens to all kinds of stuff and can get into just about anything, but definitely likes a healthy dose of 80’s R&B and soul. His mixtape brings together songs from exciting local acts and up-and-comers, along with some tracks that are getting major playtime from local DJ nights and parties.

Here is Pedro’s summertime inspired mixtape, called “NFR01 Solstice.”

1.  Bushel Hyde— Jessica Pratt
2.  Let’s Start Over— The Ringleaders
3.  Laughing The Whole Time— Dominant Legs
4.  Like Flies on Sherbert— Alex Chilton
5.  In This Filthy City— Part Time
6.  Gypsy Town— Wet Illustrated
7.  Are You Loving?— Brand Image
8.  Clubhouse— Magic Touch
9.  You Made a Believer Out of Me— Ruby Andrews
10.  Too Late (Blind)— Pamela

If you’re looking for fun and want to hear some of these jams while out and about, check out these parties:
"Lost & Found"—a 60’s soul night every Tuesday at the Make-Out Room
"2 Men Will Move You"— a disco, boogie, and new wave night every second Saturday of the month at Amnesia.
"Hard French"— an afternoon soul party every first Saturday of the month at El Rio.

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